Dashboard View Menus and Buttons

This section describes the menus and buttons available in the Dashboard View module.

To access

On the ALM sidebar, under Dashboard, select Dashboard View.

Important information

Tip: You can access the menu bar from the Dashboard View module by pressing the shortcut key Alt.

Relevant tasks

How to Generate a Dashboard Page

See also

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element (A - Z)



Copy URL/Paste


Copies a selected dashboard page or folder and pastes its URL as a link. The item itself is not copied. Instead, you can paste the address into another location, such as an email or a document. Clicking the link opens ALM and takes you to the item. If you are not already logged in, ALM first prompts for login details.



Copies selected dashboard pages or folders within the same project or across projects.

When you paste a dashboard page, you choose how ALM copies the graphs included in the dashboard page.



Moves selected dashboard pages or folders to a different location in the tree.

When you move a dashboard page from a private folder to a public folder, ALM removes any private graphs from the dashboard page.

Tip: You can also move a dashboard page by dragging it to a new location in the tree.



Deletes selected dashboard pages or folders. You cannot delete the root folders.

Note: Deleting a folder deletes all the items included in it.



Expands/collapses all the nodes under the selected folder.



Saves the selected dashboard page as a PDF file, enabling you to print the dashboard page.

The following options are available:

Dashboard Page Layout. The dashboard page is saved in its original format.

One Item Per Page Layout. Each graph on the dashboard page is saved on a separate page.

Available from: View tab


Generates the selected dashboard page, and displays it in the View tab.

If the View tab is already selected, the dashboard page is refreshed with the most up-to-date data.

New Folder


Opens the New Folder dialog box, enabling you to add a folder under a selected folder in the dashboard tree.

Folders you create under the Private root folder are available to the owner only. Folders you create under the Public root folder are available to all users.

Syntax exceptions: The folder name cannot exceed 2000 characters, and cannot include the following characters: \ ^ *

New Page


Opens the New Dashboard Page dialog box, enabling you to create a new dashboard page. For details, see New Dashboard Page Dialog Box.



Refreshes the dashboard tree so that it displays the most up-to-date information.



Enables you to rename the selected dashboard page or folder.