ALM Administrator Guide

Welcome to Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). ALM empowers organizations to manage the core application lifecycle, from requirements through deployment, granting application teams the crucial visibility and collaboration needed for predictable, repeatable, and adaptable delivery of modern applications.

Throughout the application lifecycle management process, ALM projects are accessed by many users—including developers, testers, business analysts, and quality assurance managers. To protect, maintain, and control information in a project, users are assigned to groups with different access privileges. Only an ALM project administrator (belonging to the TDAdmin user group) has full privileges in an ALM project.

As an ALM site administrator, you use Site Administration to create and maintain domains and projects; manage users, connections, and licenses; define database servers; and modify configurations.

As an ALM project administrator, you use Project Customization to customize project entities and lists, set up user groups and permissions, configure mail, set alert rules, and configure the workflow in the ALM modules. You use Cross Project Customization to standardize customization across projects in your organization.

ALM is shipped without any passwords defined. To protect your data from unauthorized access, set your password early in the ALM process.