Managing AutoPass License Server (technical preview)

The AutoPass License Server (APLS) helps you organize and manage ALM licenses, by providing better visibility and control over license consumption. This section describes how to install the license file and use the ALM AutoPass License Server.

Install Licenses

After installing and configuring the AutoPass License Server (see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Installation and Upgrade Guide), you must install licenses in the AutoPass License Server. This step enables you to perform license management tasks.

  1. Open AutoPass.
  2. Upload license file to the license server.

    In the License Management pane, click the Install License tab.

    Click Choose File to browse for and select a license key.

    The licenses are installed on the AutoPass License Server and are displayed in the License Management tab.

View installed licenses

The View Licenses tab displays the information about all installed licenses and enables you to archive licenses.

  1. In the License Management pane, click the View Licenses tab.
  2. This tab displays the following details:

    Feature The feature and its version number.
    Product The product to which a feature belongs.
    Capacity The total installed capacity for each installed license.
    Start Date The starting date of the installed license.
    Expiry Date The expiration date of the installed license
    Installed On The installation date of the installed license.
    Installed By The name of the AutoPass License Server user that installed the licenses.
    Lock Code The license key installed can be locked to a lock value.
    Export to Excel Exports the currently displayed report to Excel.
    Export Raw License to Excel Exports the license keys for the currently displayed licenses to Excel.
    Archive Archives the selected license.

    Create a license pool

    You can create pools to organize and maintain client users in any number of ways: users of a specific feature, users of a specific product, users with common attributes, and so on. Client users can be assigned to multiple user pools.

  1. In the Reservation Management pane, click the Pool Management tab.
  2. Click Create Pool.
  3. In the Create New Pool dialog box, enter a name and description for the user pool. Click Create.

    The user pool is displayed in the user pool list in the Pool Management tab.

Assign project or domain to a pool

In order for client users to access and check out licenses, each client user has to be assigned to a pool. Depending on the user's details and settings, the AutoPass License Server finds and checks out an appropriate license for the client user.

  1. In the Pool Management tab, select the radio button for the pool to which you want to add client users. The lower pane displays the selected pool name.
  2. To assign a domain: Create a pool using the same name as the domain name in Site Administration.

  3. To assign a project: In the lower pane, select Client ID. Enter the client ID (Domain name/project name).

    • You can add multiple client IDs in one pool.
    • Domain name and project name must be identical to names used in ALM.
  4. Click Add. The user's details are displayed in the Associated Users area of the lower pane.

Reserve feature license capacity to a pool

After creating pools, you can reserve a certain amount of license capacity to each pool. This is done in the Feature-Based and Product-Based Reservation tabs. For example, if you want a client user to have access only to specific environments or configurations in ALM, you reserve licenses using feature-based reservation. If you want a client user to have access to all ALM features, use product-based reservation.

  1. In the Reservation Management pane, select the Feature-Based Reservation tab.
  2. Select ALM from the drop-down menu.

  3. In the feature table, select the radio button for the feature for which you want to reserve capacity. Click Manage.

  4. Click Associate Pool the Feature-Based Reservation tab, select your pool and click Associate Pool.

  5. Enter reserved capacity for the associated pool.

View license usage report

The License Usage pane displays information about the list of all installed license details, including:

  • The feature license identification information, including number and description.
  • The available license capacity.
  • The capacity currently checked out as live and commuter licenses.
  1. In the Usage Reports pane, select the License Usage tab.
  2. The tab displays the following details:

    Feature ID: Version

    The specific feature number and version for each feature of the selected product in the drop-down.

    Click a feature number to see the usage details of this feature.

    Feature Description A textual description of a feature.
    Available The license capacity currently available for client user check out.
    Live The license capacity currently checked out as live, concurrent licenses.
    Commuter/Usage The license capacity currently checked out as commuter licenses.
    Total The total installed license capacity.
    License Capacity The reserved license capacity.
    Manage Commuter Enables you to modify the commuter check out settings for a feature, if enabled.

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