Validating Your Data

Once you have mapped your data to the ALM fields, you must check that your data is valid for its mapped field. For example, if the ALM field allows only certain values, your data cannot contain other values.

To validate your data:

  1. Select the cells that contain your data and click Validate. Do not include the column headings row in your selection.

    The ALM Microsoft Excel Add-in validates your data against the requirements for each ALM field.

    Any invalid cells are marked in red, and an error message is displayed when you put your cursor on the cell.

  2. Correct any invalid cells and click Validate again.

Note: If you subsequently add or modify your data, you can validate again, selecting only the modified or added cells or selecting all the cells. If you do not validate prior to uploading your data, the ALM Microsoft Excel Add-in validates your data before uploading.

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