Orphan Users Dialog Box

Users that are created in Site Administration rather than in the ALM add-on, and do not have customers associated with them, are called orphan users. This dialog box enables you to make an orphan user a non-orphan by assigning the user to a customer.

Select the User Management bar, and click Orphan Users.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


<customer drop down list>

Opens a drop down list of all owner customers and end customers.

Assigns the selected orphan user to the customer.

If the orphan user has already been associated with another customer, an error message is displayed asking you to disassociate the orphan user with the other customer. If you select this option, the User projects for user (<orphan user name>) dialog box opens, enabling you to remove the orphan from the project.

Note: You can also assign orphan users that have been assigned to projects to a specific customer without removing them from the projects. To enable this, contact your SaaS delivery team for help.

Removes the customer from the user.
Opens the User Projects dialog box. For details, see "User Projects Dialog Box".
Login Name The login name of the orphan user.
Full Name The full name of the orphan user.
Email The email of the orphan user.
Phone Number The phone number of the orphan user.
Domains The domains of projects with which the orphan user is currently associated.
Possible Customers The names of the customers, who own the projects, with which the orphan user is currently associated.
Assign to Customer The name of the customer you are assigning the orphan user.