SaaS Common Areas

This section describes common elements of the ALM add-on user interface.

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element

User The name of the user currently logged on.
Exits the ALM add-on.

License expiration warning

Displays which licenses will expire within 30 days and what their expiration dates are.

The warning icon stays displayed until all these licenses expire.


Opens the Customers page, enabling you to view customer details.

Projects Opens the Projects page, enabling you to view, edit, and create ALM projects, templates, and domains. On the Projects page, you can also assign users to projects and projects to users, and control the user permissions in each project the user is assigned to.
User Management Opens the User Management page, enabling you to create new users and manage the existing customer users. Many of the operations in this module can be performed on a number of selected users at once.
Authentication Opens the Authentication page, enabling you to create, delete, edit, and save the authentication policies of the customer.
Role Management Opens the Role Management page, enabling you to view, edit, and create custom roles. Each role is comprised of a detailed set of permissions.
My Settings Opens the My Settings page, enabling you to edit your personal information, change your password, and view your user properties.
Audit Log Opens the Audit Log page, enabling you to view and filter a list of operations performed in the ALM add-on administration application. The log displays the date of the operation, the user who performed the operation, the operation performed, and details about the operation.

QC Usage Report

Opens the QC Usage Report page, enabling you to generate reports of the license usage over specified time ranges.
Connected Users Opens the Connected users page, enabling you to view the users currently connected to the ALM project, and send them instant messages.
SaaS Information

Opens the Micro Focus SaaS - Information Center page (external link). This page includes the following tools:

  • Notification Board: contains SaaS notifications, such as planned maintenance and incidents.
  • Recipient Management: enables you to modify the list of users who receive system notification messages.
  • Library: opens a location for shared access where customers can upload documents.
  • Training: opens a location for shared access where customers can upload training material.
Help Opens the online help.

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