Starting ALM

Start ALM from your Web browser using the ALM URL.

To start ALM:

  1. Verify tutorial prerequisites.

    Before you begin the lessons in this tutorial, verify that you have the appropriate prerequisites. For details, see Before You Begin.

  2. Open the Application Lifecycle Management Options window.

    Open your Web browser and type your ALM URL:

    http://<ALM server name>[<:port number>]/qcbin. Contact your system administrator if you do not have the correct path.

  3. For Single-Sign-On users:

    1. If the user discovery page is displayed, add your user name or email address as specified in ALM. Click Submit.
    2. In the IDP page, add your IDP credentials. Click the log in button.
  4. Open ALM.

    The Application Lifecycle Management Options window opens.

    Click the ALM Desktop Client link.

    Each time ALM is run, it checks the version. If it detects a newer version, it downloads the necessary files to your machine.

    The ALM Login window opens.

    Note: If ALM was configured for external authentication, the Name and Password fields do not appear in this window. Continue with step 6.

  5. Type a user name and authenticate.

    In the Login Name box, type alex_alm.

    Skip the Password box. A password was not assigned.

    Click the Authenticate button. ALM verifies your user name and password and determines which domains and projects you can access.

  6. Log in to the project.

    In the Domain list, select DEFAULT.

    In the Project list, select ALM_Demo. If more than one ALM_Demo project is listed, contact your ALM site administrator to determine which project to use.

    Click the Login button.