How to Integrate Tests from Jenkins

This task describes how to integrate test results from Jenkins to ALM.

To learn more about integrating external test results with ALM, see Integrating External Tests Overview.

  1. Import result file from Jenkins to the Test Plan module.

    1. On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Plan.
    2. Right-click a folder in the Test Plan Tree and select Generate Tests from External Test Results. For user interface details, see Generate Tests from External Test Results Dialog Box

      Note: ALM supports the following XML formats: JUnit/XUnit, Nunit, and TestNG.

    3. ALM adds the imported tests (EXTERNAL-TEST test type ) to your Test Plan Tree.
  2. Create coverage between your imported tests and the requirements in your project.

    You can create coverage from the Test Plan module or from the Requirements module. For task details, see How to Create Coverage.

  3. Configure Jenkins to work with ALM.

    For information on how to configure Jenkins to synch results with ALM, see this KB article.

  4. Run the Jenkins job.

    Run your job from Jenkins. When the job completes, the results are synchronized automatically with ALM.

  5. View external test results in ALM.

    For details, see How to View External Results in ALM.