Import External Test Results Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to import a results file generate from an external tool to ALM.

To access
  1. On the ALM sidebar, under Testing, select Test Lab.
  2. Right-click a folder in the Test Set Tree and select Importing External Test Results.
Important information

If you are working with Jenkins, the results file is imported automatically to ALM. For details, see How to Integrate Tests from Jenkins.

Relevant tasks

How to Integrate Tests from an External Tool

See also

Integrating External Tests Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Upload Results File

Select a results file.

Note: ALM supports the following XML formats: JUnit/XUnit, Nunit, and TestNG.

Define ALM Targets

Test Lab. Specify a Test Lab folder for the imported test

Test Plan. Specify a Test Plan folder for the imported tests.

Define Testing Environments

Testing Framework.Select the testing framework used for running your tests.

Testing Tool. Select the testing tool used for running your tests.

Optional Settings

External Results Network Path.Specify a network path where additional test data is stored (for example, snapshots).

External Build / Version Number. Specify a unique identifier for the imported test runs. For example, a build number of the application that was tested.