ALM Homepage

When you open an ALM project, My Homepage opens to highlight your open work items and most recent updates.

My Homepage highlights

The following table describes what My Homepage highlights about your work.


Displays the number of the following entities in the current week, month, or year.

You can click the number, if it's not zero, to see the entity details.

  • Defects Assigned to Me

    Defects assigned to you and the status is not "Closed".

  • My Active Defects

    Defects detected by you and the status is not "Closed".

  • My Blocked Tests

    Test instances where you are the “Responsible Tester” and the status is “Blocked”.

  • Tests Assigned to Me

    Test instances of the type “MANUAL” where you are the “Responsible Tester” and the status is “No Run” or “Not Completed”.

Recent Updates

Lists the defects, test plan entities, requirements, and analysis items that were most recently created or updated. For each type of entity, only the top 10 most recent entities are listed.

You can click the entity ID to see the details.

Entities that were modified in batch are not listed.

What's New Provides a summary of new features and enhancements that were introduced in the current version.

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Open or close My Homepage

By default, My Homepage is opened every time you log into your project. If you don't want it to be displayed in every login, clear the option Always display home page after login at the bottom of the homepage.

To close My Homepage, click any modules.

To open the My Homepage, on the top of the sidebar, click the homepage icon .

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