Business Process Test and Flow Overview

This topic provides an overview of working with business process tests and flows in the Test Plan module in ALM.

  • A business process test is a scenario comprising a sequence of business components or flows, designed to test a specific scenario in an application.
  • A flow is a type of test that comprises a logical set of business components, in a fixed sequence, that performs a specific task. Flows share the same functionality as business process tests (for example, iterations, parameters, and results). When designing flows, we recommend that you consider them "compound components."

    Flows cannot contain other flows.

    You can use a flow in multiple business process tests. When you modify a flow or any of its components, all business process tests containing that flow reflect that modification.

    Using BPT Packaged Apps Kit, you can create a flow or test by navigating your packaged app. This process is called "learning." If you learned a flow, when your flow is ready, you can add it to business process tests, together with other flows and business components. For details, see Learn Process.

  • Branches are added to a business process test or flow as a control-type element, enabling you to instruct the test script how to proceed when a certain condition is met.

    Inside each branch, specify different actions for the test script to take, depending on application status during runtime. Each action the script takes is defined inside a branch option.

Working with business process tests and flows is very similar to working with other ALM test types. This overview highlights the differences. For conceptual details on the Test Plan module for other ALM test types, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: Test Plan Overview.