How BPT Packaged Apps Kit Creates Components when Learning SAP Fiori Flows

Available for BPT Packaged Apps Kit Users

Note: SAP Fiori is a technical preview. Learning flows and business process tests is supported; Change detection is not yet supported.

When BPT Packaged Apps Kit learns a business process test or flow based on SAP Fiori technology, it creates a new business component according to the following guidelines:

  • The name of the component is the web page name.

  • The component ID is based on web page's URL.

  • Business components are created based on logic, not on a screen-by-screen basis. You can think of the components as short business flows.

  • As usual, a component does not represent a single screen (a screen shot, however, is taken the first time this component is referenced).

Limitations for SAP Fiori

When learning a Fiori app, or running a learned test or flow for a Fiori app, open only one browser and an additional tab in the browser (in addition to the app).