Run Progress Pane Hierarchy

The Run Progress pane hierarchy enables you to manually perform each of the individual component steps in the correct testing sequence.

For example, consider a business process test that contains four business components; Component1 (C1), Component2 (C2), Component3 (C3), and Component4 (C4). The test requires that components C2 and C3 be grouped and that the components and group are then run and iterated as follows:

  • the first iteration of C1, then the second iteration of C1, followed by
  • the first iteration of the group comprising C2 and C3, followed by
  • the second iteration of the group, followed by
  • the third iteration of the group, followed by the component C4.

This is illustrated as follows:

In addition, the entire test is iterated twice.

The test is displayed in the Manual Runner as follows:

For clarity, the components in the tree have not been expanded to display their individual steps.