Criteria for Determining if a Component Can Be Reused

Available for BPT Packaged Apps Kit Users

When BPT Packaged Apps Kit learns a flow, it analyzes the learned components to see if there exists within the project one or more components that are similar to, or identical to, the learned components. If such a component exists, BPT Packaged Apps Kit enables you to reuse the existing component instead of creating a new component in your flow.

Only components in the project that were created through the Learn Flow process are analyzed for similarity with the learned component. If components are similar to the learned component, it can be reused, and a new learned component is not created.

Note: A component that is substituted with a reused component is not listed in the flow folder of the Business Components module. A flow folder is not created in the Business Components module for flows that use only reused components. To find the location of a reused component, right-click the component in the Test Script tab of the Test Plan module and select Go to Component. The Business Component module opens and displays the selected component.