Map Imported Data Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to associate, or map, each component or flow parameter to a column header of an imported .csv file.

To access

From any iteration page, click Import to open the Open dialog box. Open the .csv file that contains the required data and click Open.

Important information

The values in the column corresponding to the selected header become the iteration values used for that component or flow parameter.

Relevant tasks

How to Import and Export (Save) Parameter Values

See also

How to Set Data for Iterations

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description

Displays the name of the parameter as defined in Business Process Testing.

To Imported Parameter

Displays the name of the parameter in the external file to which you want to map.

Note: When the Map Imported Data dialog box opens, it automatically maps any column headers in the .csv file to the corresponding set of parameters if the column headers are identical. If no identical column header exists, the value <None> is displayed for that parameter.

Encrypt Values

Encrypts the values.