Run or Debug Test Dialog Box

This dialog box displays the automated components that make up the selected business process test or flow, and enables you to choose whether to run each component in Debug or in Normal mode, or choose whether to skip a selected component.

To access

In Test Plan module, select the relevant test or flow in the Test Plan tree, and click the Test Script tab. Click Run or Debug Test .

Important information

Tests can contain both automated and manual components.

Initiating a test to debug a manual component or test containing one or more manual components displays a warning message. To run tests that contain manual components, use the Manual Runner. For details, see Manual Runner Wizard for Business Process Testing.

UFT One and Service Test: After the run, the test results display in the Micro Focus Run Results Viewer.

Relevant tasks

See also

Test and Flow Debugging Overview

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element Description


Sets all the keyword GUI and scripted GUI components to run in Debug mode.

Note: Unable to run in Debug mode:

  • API components
  • UFT Developer Components


Sets all the components to run in Normal mode.


Sets specific components to run in Skip mode.

Component column

Lists the available business components.

Run Mode

Indicates the run mode to be used with running a test flow.

Clicking the relevant cell in the Run Mode column enables you to select one of the following:

  • Debug. Causes the test to pause before running the first step in the specified business component. The position of the breakpoint in the test is indicated by a red spot icon in the left margin of the Keyword View (or, for UFT One components, the Expert View in UFT One). This enables you to use all the debug options of the testing tool to check the performance of one or more specific steps in the component. You can then continue the run.
    For details on UFT One debugging options, see the Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing User Guide.

  • Normal. Runs the selected business component from start to finish without pausing.

  • Skip. Skips the selected business component.