Health Reports Overview

The ALM health reports help monitor and manage the progress status of the following:

Blocked Tests

Shows a test summary of blocked test instances in an ALM project.

Defects Aging Shows the lifetime of defects in an ALM project. The lifetime of a defect begins when it is reported, and ends when it is closed.
Failed Tests without Defects Shows failed test instances without direct or indirect link defects (available from ALM 15.0.1).
Project Progress Shows the history of changes to requirements in an ALM project, for each time interval displayed.
Requirements Coverage Shows how many requirements are currently in an ALM project, according to their test coverage status.
Test Summary

Shows the number and percentage of test instances according to their status (available from ALM 15.0.1).

Test Execution - Planned vs. Actual Shows the actual test execution progress versus the ideal execution progress within the defined test scope and time duration.

For task details, see How to Generate Health Reports.