Protecting the Database

To ensure the integrity of the database, you should run only queries that extract data from the project database. You should not run queries that alter the project database by adding, modifying, or deleting database records.

By default, to ensure that your queries are valid and do not alter the project database, ALM checks that the following conditions are fulfilled:

  • The query starts with the command SELECT.

  • The query contains only one SQL statement.

  • The query does not contain any of the following commands (except in comments): INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, DROP, CREATE, COMMIT, ROLLBACK, ALTER, EXEC, EXECUTE, MERGE, GRANT, REVOKE, SET, INTO, or TRUNCATE.

You can customize whether this verification is performed, and how it is performed, using the SQL_QUERY_VALIDATION_ENABLED and SQL_QUERY_VALIDATION_BLACK_LIST parameters in Site Administration.

You can also customize the maximum number of records that can be retrieved from the database and the maximum length of time that ALM waits for an SQL query for an Excel report to be executed, using the REPORT_QUERY_RECORDS_LIMIT and REPORT_QUERY_TIMEOUT parameters in Site Administration.

For details on setting parameters, see Set configuration parameters.

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