Add Criterion Coverage Dialog Box

This dialog box enables you to add criteria for a test.

To access
  1. In the Requirements module's Requirement Details view, select a requirement from the requirements tree. Click the Test Coverage tab. Click Select   to display the Test Plan Tree pane on the right-side of the window.

  2. In the Test Plan Tree pane, select a business process test and click Add to coverage  . Alternatively, in the Test Configurations pane, select a test configuration of a business process test and click Add configurations to coverage  . The Add Criterion Coverage dialog box opens.

Important information

Business Process Testing: Functionality related to test criteria is available only for Business Process tests. For details, see the Micro Focus Business Process Testing User Guide: How to Create Coverage by Criteria.

Relevant tasks

How to Create Coverage

See also

Coverage Analysis View

User interface elements are described below:

UI Element



The name of the criterion.


The description of the criterion.

Don't show me this dialog again

Hides this dialog box.

To reveal this dialog box, select View > Test Coverage > Show Add Criterion Coverage.