Convert to Tests Wizard

This wizard enables you to convert requirements to tests in a specified subject in the test plan tree. Coverage is automatically created between the requirements and their corresponding tests. You can convert selected requirements or all requirements in the requirements tree.

To access

In the Requirements module, right-click a requirement in the requirements tree and select Convert to Tests. To convert all requirements, right-click the root requirement folder in the requirements tree and select Convert to Tests.

Important information
  • You must have the necessary permissions to create tests.

  • The following requirement types are set so that, by default, you cannot convert them to tests: Business, Folder, and Group.

    To enable you to convert, you must enable test coverage for these requirement types. For details, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management Administrator Guide: Customize requirement types.

Wizard map

This wizard contains:

Select Automatic Conversion Method Page > Manual Change Conversion Page > Select Destination Path Page

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