Coverage Analysis Dialog Box

This dialog box displays the coverage status for a requirement and its children according to the current filter.

To access

In the Coverage Analysis view, right-click a requirement and choose Coverage Analysis.

Relevant tasks

How to Create Coverage

See also

Coverage Analysis View

User interface elements are described below (unlabeled elements are shown in angle brackets):

UI Element


<graph area>

Displays the coverage status for a selected requirement and its children.

Click a section in the graph to display a list of child requirements with the selected status.

From the list, you can select a requirement and click Go To to highlight it in the requirements tree.

Example: Clicking the Failed area lists the requirements with the status of Failed.

Copy to Clipboard

Copies a snapshot of the Coverage Analysis dialog box to the Clipboard.

Add Tests Coverage

Extends the dialog box and displays the Test Coverage Chart. This pie chart graphically displays the full test coverage for the requirement, grouped according to test status.

Click a section in the chart to view the list of tests with the selected status that cover the requirement and its children. The Tests Coverage dialog box opens with the Status Filter set to the status of the area you selected in the chart. For details, see Test Coverage Page.

Note: If a parent requirement has several children all of which cover the same test, that test is included only once in the parent requirement's Tests Coverage Chart.