View Dashboard Pages

This section provides details about viewing a dashboard page.

  1. Open the dashboard page.

    1. On the ALM sidebar, under Dashboard, select Dashboard View.

    2. Expand the dashboard tree, and select a dashboard page.

    3. (Required only if the dashboard page is displayed in the Classic mode) Click the View tab.
  2. User interface elements are described below.

    Edits the title of the dashboard page.
    Saves the dashboard as a JPEG or PNG file.
    Refreshes all the graphs on the page, or the selected graph, so that they display the most up-to-date information. ALM updates the Last Generated time and date.
    Opens the Details screen of the dashboard page. For details, see Details - Analysis and Dashboard.
    Displays the dashboard page or the selected graph in full-screen mode.
    Opens the Configurations screen of the dashboard page. For details, see Configure Dashboard Pages.
    Opens the graph in the Analysis View.

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