Step 3: Deploy SSO components

Prerequisite: Step 2: Configure default IdP.

This step is to deploy the SSO components in the ALM server. After completing this step, you should be able to load the ALM SP metadata in http(s)://{server}:{port}/osp/a/alm/auth/saml2/sp-metadata. If you fail to load the SP metadata, see FAQ for details.

Deploy SSO components

Run the following script as administrator. If ALM is in a cluster environment, run the script in each node. You will be asked to restart ALM service during deployment. Stop the ALM service to continue the deployment process and restart the ALM Service after successful deployment. If you do not stop ALM Service, the process is aborted.

When to re-deploy the SSO components

If you do any of the following after deploying the SSO components, you re-deploy the SSO components:

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Q: When I load the SP metadata, it reported an error as follows. What does it mean?

A: The error message indicates the SP service is not started successfully. The SSO components have been deployed successfully, but some settings in the alm IdP are not correct. You should fix the settings and restart the ALM service.

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