About Setting Automail

ALM enables you to automatically notify users through email each time changes are made to specified defect fields. Configuring mail for an ALM project involves the following steps:

  • Click the Automail link in the Project Customization window to define the defect fields and specify the users and conditions. See Designating Automail Fields and Conditions.

  • In Site Administration's Site Projects tab, enable the mail configuration for a project by selecting the Send mail automatically check box. You must select this check box for your mail configuration to work. For details, see Updating Project Details.

  • In Site Administration's Site Configuration tab, you can edit the MAIL_INTERVAL parameter, which defines the time interval for sending defect emails in all projects. You can also set parameters to define the format and character set of mail, and whether attachments or history are included in the mail. For details, see ATTACH_MAX_SIZE, AUTO_MAIL_WITH_ATTACHMENT, and AUTO_MAIL_WITH_HISTORY.

  • You can customize the subject line of defect email for all projects or for a specific project. For details, see Customizing the Subject of Defect Mail.

  • In Site Administration's Site Users tab, make sure you have specified the email addresses of the users who should receive defect messages. For details, see Updating User Details.