Customizing the Subject of Defect Mail

You can customize the subject line of defect email sent automatically to users, for all projects or for a specific project. For example, you can define a subject line such as the following:

Example: Defect # 4321 has been created or updated - Buttons on print dialog are not aligned

The line can contain the values of ALM fields. To include a field value from the defect that is being sent, prefix the field name with a question mark (?). Field names must be upper-case, as follows:

Example: Defect # ?BG_BUG_ID has been created or updated - ?BG_SUMMARY

You can customize the subject line for all your projects by adding the AUTO_MAIL_SUBJECT_FORMAT parameter in the Site Configuration tab. For details, see Setting ALM Configuration Parameters.

To customize the subject of defect mail for a specific project:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Projects tab.

  2. In the Projects list, double-click the project for which you want to customize the email subject line.

  3. Select the DATACONST table.

  4. In the SQL pane, type an SQL INSERT statement to insert a row into the table with the following values:

    • In the DC_CONST_NAME column, insert the parameter name AUTO_MAIL_SUBJECT_FORMAT.

    • In the DC_VALUE column, insert the strings and the names of fields to be placed in the subject line.

    • For example, type the following SQL statement into the SQL pane:

      insert into dataconst values ('AUTO_MAIL_SUBJECT_FORMAT',
      'DEFAULT.TESTPROJ - Defect # ?BG_BUG_ID has been created or updated -

      The subject line you define is specific to the project, so you can include the project name in the line.

      For details on modifying project tables, see Querying Project Tables.

  5. Click the Execute SQL button. The row is added to the DATACONST table to set the email subject.