About Cross Project Customization

Cross project customization enables you to use a template project to define and maintain a common set of project customizations for multiple projects.

Note: Cross project customization cannot be implemented between a Unicode template project and ASCII projects. Also, when a template project is converted to Unicode, any linked ASCII projects cannot receive customization changes from the template.

A template administrator is any user that is assigned project administrator permissions for a template project. As template administrator, you can customize a template project to meet the needs of your organization.

You link a template project to one or more ALM projects. This enables you to apply template customization to the linked projects. As the needs of your organization change over time, you can update the customization in your template project, and then reapply the template customization to the linked projects.

A template project can be used to create additional projects or templates. When the Site Administrator creates a project or template based on a template project, the template customization is copied to the newly created project or template.

For details, see Cross Project Customization Overview.