Applying Template Project and Reports Customization to Linked Projects

You can apply template project customization as well as dashboards and reports to linked projects. The property fields of the shared data cannot be edited. However, you can modify the graph filter, X- and Y-axes fields, Group by field, appearance, etc.

The following entities can be shared across projects:

  • Template project customization
  • Dashboard and Analysis folders
  • Entity graphs reports
  • Pages and health reports in the Dashboard View


  • Available from ALM 15.0.1.
  • Business view graphs are not supported.
  • This feature is available for ALM Edition only.

After sharing the templates across projects, the shared entities are placed under the Shared folder in the Dashboard module.

To share dashboards and reports as templates across projects:

  1. Before you can apply template customization, you must verify the customization. For details, see Verifying Cross Project Customization. Verification must complete successfully before ALM can apply template customization to a linked project.
  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Cross Project Customization. The Cross Project Customization - Linked Projects page opens.

  2. Select a project from the grid, or press the Ctrl key and select multiple projects. To display only those projects that are activated, select Show only active projects.

  3. Click Apply Project and Reports Customization. If the project administrator of any of the selected projects has requested not to apply template customization changes, a warning is displayed. Click OK to apply template customization and data to all selected projects.

    The Apply Project and Reports Customization Initialization dialog box opens.

  4. Select Send mail notification to project administrators to instruct ALM to notify project administrators after the process completes.

  5. Click OK. The Apply Project and Reports Customization dialog box opens and displays progress.

  6. To cancel the process for projects that ALM did not yet update, click Stop. ALM completes the update to the current project and cancels the update to the remaining projects.

  7. When the process completes, click Close to close the Apply Project and Reports Customization dialog box.

  8. Under Last Applied Customization, click the Applied Customization Report link to view details of applied template customization. For details, see The Cross Project Customization Report.