Updating Linked Project Details

You update linked project details in Project Customization.

To update linked project details:

  1. Log into ALM using the template project.

  2. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Cross Project Customization. The Cross Project Customization - Linked Projects page opens.

  3. In the Linked Projects grid, view the projects linked to the template project. The Linked Projects grid contains the following information for each project:



    Indicates a request by the project administrator not to apply template customization changes to the project.


    The domain of the linked project.


    The name of the linked project.


    Indicates if the linked project is updated with current template customization. The current status can be one of the following:

    • Not Updated (default)

    • Updated


    Indicates if template customization has been verified and can be successfully applied to the linked project. By default, the status is Not Verified.

    The current status can be one of the following:

    • Not Verified (default)

    • Verified with Warnings

    • Verified

    Click on a column heading to change the sort order of the projects in the grid.

  4. To refresh the data in the Linked Projects grid, click the Refresh button .

  5. View additional details about a selected project on the right side of the Linked Projects page. For example, under Project Status, view the status of the project. If the project administrator has selected the Request Suspension of Apply Customization option in the linked project, Requested suspension of Apply Customization is displayed. The template administrator can choose to exclude the project from template customization updates.

  6. In the Comments box, view comments added by the project administrator. Click Add Comment to add a comment to the project. The project administrator can view and add comments when viewing the project details.

  7. Under Project Details, the names of project administrators are displayed. Click the Send E-mail button to send mail to project or template administrators.

  8. Under Last Applied Customization, view the date that template customization was last applied to the linked project. Click the Applied Customization Report link to view details. For details, see The Cross Project Customization Report.

  9. Under Last Verification, view the date of the last verification. Click the Verification Report link to view details of the last verification. For details, see The Cross Project Customization Report.