Verifying Cross Project Customization

Before you can apply template customization to linked projects, you must verify the customization. The verification process checks that ALM can successfully apply template customization to the linked projects. Verification must complete successfully before ALM can apply template customization to a linked project.

Note: For verification to complete successfully, the appropriate extensions must be enabled in linked projects. If an extension is enabled for a template project, the extension must also be enabled for the template's linked projects. Linked projects can have additional extensions enabled. For details on enabling extensions, see Enabling Extensions for a Project.

To verify cross project customization:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Cross Project Customization. The Cross Project Customization - Linked Projects page opens.

  2. Select a project from the grid, or press the Ctrl key and select multiple projects. To display only those projects that are activated, select Show only active projects.

  3. Click Verify. The Verification dialog box opens and displays progress.
  4. To stop verification before it completes, click Stop. ALM completes the project that it is currently verifying and then stops. The remaining projects are not verified.

  5. Click Details to view additional information during or after verification. When verification completes, click the Report link to view detailed results for a project.

  6. When verification completes, click Close to close the Template Verification dialog box. The verification status for the projects is updated in the Linked Projects grid.

  7. Under Last Verification, click the Verification Report link to view details of the verification. For details, see The Cross Project Customization Report.