About Customizing ALM Projects

Before you begin a project, you can customize your project to reflect your unique requirements. As a project progresses, you can further adjust the project to meet its changing needs.

ALM contains system fields in which you enter information about ALM entities. You can modify the behavior of these fields by restricting users to selecting values only from associated lists, by making entry into certain fields mandatory, and by preserving a history of values entered in the field. In addition, you can include data unique to your project by creating user-defined fields. You can associate these fields with ALM system and user-defined lists.

For example, if you are running tests on several builds of an application, you can add a Detected in Build field to the Add Defect dialog box. You can then create a selection list containing the values Build1, Build2, and Build3, and associate the list with the Detected in Build field.

In the Requirements module, you can also assign each requirement to a requirement type. A requirement type defines which fields are available and which fields are required for a requirement of that type. This enables you to make available for a requirement only the fields relevant to the type to which it is assigned.