Deleting Requirement Types

You can delete a requirement type. You cannot delete a type if there are requirements of the type in your project. To delete a type, you must first delete all requirements of the type, or change their types. You cannot delete the following default requirement types: Folder, Group, and Undefined.

Cross Project Customization - Working with a Linked Project: If you are working with a project that is linked to a template project, you cannot delete the default requirement types or requirement types defined by the template project.

ALM Editions: Cross project customization is not available for Quality Center Enterprise Edition. For more information about ALM editions and their functionality, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: ALM Editions.

To delete a requirement type:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Requirement Types. The Requirement Types page opens.

  2. Select a requirement type.

  3. Click the Delete Type button.

  4. Click OK to confirm. The requirement type is deleted.

  5. Click Save to save your changes to the Requirement Types page.