About Project Report Templates

Project report templates are Microsoft Word files that determine the design of project reports. Users assign templates to project reports in the Analysis View module.

In the Project Report Templates page, as a project administrator, you manage report templates that are available to all project users.


  • Depending on permissions, users can create and use custom report templates, in addition to the project report templates. For details on custom templates, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: How to Create a Custom Report Template.

  • Template fonts need to be installed on the client machine of the user generating the report in order for them to be properly visible in the generated document.

There are various types of templates that affect different aspects of template reports:

Template Type


Document Templates

Define the outline of the report layout. For example, a document template dictates the design of the title page, whether the report includes a table of contents, page orientation, page numbering, and more.

Style Templates

Define the formatting (for example, tables, section headings, paragraphs) applied to Microsoft Word styles.

History Templates

Define the format in which history information is displayed in report sections.

Section Templates

Define the fields that are included in report sections, and the format in which they are displayed. Section templates are defined separately for each ALM entity.

Predefined templates are provided for each of the template types.

For details on managing project report templates in Project Customization, see Managing Project Report Templates.

You design report templates in Microsoft Word using the Template Creator. For details, see Designing Report Templates.