Template Creator Tab

The template creator enables you to design Document, History, and section templates in Microsoft Word.

To access

You access the template creator either from Project Customization > Project Report Templates, or from the project report Configuration tab.

  • To create a new template file, select a project report template or section, and click Template Creator. Microsoft Word opens, and the applicable template type is selected in the Template Creator tab.

  • To edit an existing template file, select a project report template, and click Download Template . The template opens in Microsoft Word.

Important information

  • To enable the template creator, you must first allow macros in Microsoft Word. In Word, click the Office Button, and then click Word Options. Select Trust Center > Trust Center Settings > Macro Settings. Select Enable all macros.
  • SSO Authentication: If SSO is enabled, you must first register the ALM client in order to login ALM to the template creator. For more details on SSO authentication, see Set up SSO Authentication.

See also

Designing Report Templates

User interface elements are described below:

UI Elements


Choose Template Type. Lists the template types that you can create in the template creator. The selected template type is displayed in the button label, and determines the fields you can include in the template.

Formatting. Inserts selected fields in one of the following formats:

  • Full Page. Lists selected fields vertically across multiple lines. Field values are placed alongside their labels, separated by a colon and tab.

  • Tabular. Lists selected fields horizontally in a table. Field labels are listed in the top row of the table, and field values are listed below them.

Insert Field Label. Inserts a selected field label at the cursor position.

Insert Field Value. Inserts a selected field value at the cursor position.

Insert Multiple Fields. Opens the Select Fields dialog box, enabling you to insert field labels and values at the cursor location.

Note: The selected fields are inserted on separate lines.

Insert Custom Field. In a Document template, enables you to insert custom fields anywhere in the Document template. For example, add custom fields to the document title page, and to document headers and footers.

When creating a report, users enter values that replace the custom fields in the report.

Set Auto Heading Style. Toggles the Template Report Auto Heading style to the selected paragraph. In report sections based on the template, the style is automatically replaced by the Heading style appropriate to the section level.

In full-page templates, you can apply the Template Report Auto Heading style both to the section heading (before the Data Start merge field), and to the record heading. As a result, the section heading in a report is displayed on a higher hierarchical level than the section records.

In tabular templates, you can apply the Template Report Auto Heading style only to the section heading.

Set Table Style. Toggles the Template Report Table style to the selected table.

Connect to ALM. Enables you to connect to a different ALM project. The template creator automatically retrieves the entity fields from the selected project.

Localize Strings. Retrieves updated field labels from Project Customization.