Designing History Templates

In History template files you define how history information is displayed in all report sections. You design History templates using the Template Creator tab in Microsoft Word.


The following elements are used in History templates:

  • History fields. Merge fields that represent history field labels and values.

  • Fixed text. Fixed text that you type in a history template is displayed in reports. For example, type History in a heading row above the history merge fields.

To design a new History template:

  1. Create a new template file using the template creator in Microsoft Word. For details on accessing the template creator, see Template Creator Tab.

  2. Click Template Type , and select History.

  3. Click Formatting , and select Tabular, to create a tabular template.

    The Select Fields dialog box opens.

  4. To include a field in the template, select a field in the Available Fields pane, and click the right arrow .

    Tip: Use the Ctrl or Shift key to select multiple fields.

  5. To remove a field from the template, select a field in Selected Fields pane, and click the left arrow .

  6. To move all fields from one pane to the other, click the double arrows .

  7. Click the Reorder buttons to change the order of fields in the template.

  8. Click Insert. The fields you selected are inserted in tabular layout.