Designing Style Templates

In Style template files you define the formatting that is applied to Microsoft Word styles in all sections of a report.

For example, in a Style template you define the formatting for the Normal style. As a result, text in section templates that is assigned the Normal style, is displayed in the format you defined in the Style template.

Style formatting that is defined in the Style template overrides the formatting defined in other templates used in a project report.

Consider the following for designing Style templates:

  • Heading styles. The Heading 1, Heading 2, Heading n styles that you define in a Style template are automatically applied to report sections according to the level of the section in the report. For more details on applying heading styles in section templates, see Designing Section Templates.

  • Table styles. To ensure a uniform style for all data tables displayed in a report, define the Project Report Table Style. By default, tables you create in tabular templates use this style.

  • Text. Any text that you type in a Style template is ignored by project reports.