Starting Project Customization

You can customize your ALM projects using the Project Customization window.

Note: Users belonging to the Viewers group cannot view or change any settings in the Project Customization window, except settings on the User Properties page.

To start project customization:

  1. Open your Web browser and type your ALM URL
    http://<ALM server name>[<:port number>]/qcbin. The Application Lifecycle Management Options window opens.

  2. Click the ALM Desktop Client link.

    The first time you run ALM, files are downloaded to your client machine. Subsequently, ALM carries out a version check. If there is a newer version on the server, updated files are downloaded to your client machine.

    • Windows 7/2008R2/2012: If you do not have administrator privileges on your machine, and a Security Warning displays, click Don't Install. You will be redirected to the Install screen.

    • If file downloads are prohibited through your browser, you can install these files by using the ALM Client MSI Generator add-in, available from the Application Lifecycle Management Add-ins page (Help > Add-ins).

    • If you run ALM over a virtual environment, such as Citrix or VMware, only the system administrator can install a new version.

    After the ALM version has been checked and files have been updated if necessary, the ALM Login window opens.

    Note: If ALM was configured for external authentication, the Name and Password fields do not appear in this window. Continue with step 7.

  3. In the Login Name box, type your user name.

    If you type a user name that does not have administrator privileges for a particular project, you are restricted to the customization functions available for that user group. For details, see About Managing User Groups and Permissions.

  4. In the Password box, type your password. If you cannot remember your password, click the Forgot Password link. For details, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: How to Reset Your Password.

    After you log in to ALM, you can change your password from the Project Customization window. For details, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: User Properties Page. In addition, site administrators can change a user's password from Site Administration. For details, see Creating and Changing Passwords.

  5. Select the Automatically log in to my last domain and project on this machine check box if you want ALM to automatically log in to the last project in which you were working.

  6. Click Authenticate. ALM verifies your user name and password and determines which domains and projects you may access. If you specified automatic login, ALM opens.

  7. In the Domain list, select a domain. By default, the last domain in which you were working is displayed.

  8. In the Project list, select a project. By default, the last project in which you were working is displayed.

  9. Click Login. ALM opens and displays the module in which you last worked during your previous session.

  10. On the masthead, click , then select Customize. For details, see Understanding the Project Customization Window.

  11. To exit the Project Customization window and return to your ALM project, click the Return button located on the upper-right corner of the window.

    If you have made changes to Project Customization, the Customization Changes dialog box opens. For details, see Saving Customization Changes.

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