Assigning Users to a User Group

After you add a user to the project, you can assign the user to one or more user groups. By default, new users are assigned to the project as members of the Viewer user group.

You can assign a user to a default user group, or to a customized user group. For details on customizing a user group, see Managing User Groups and Permissions. You can change the access privileges for existing users at any time by changing the user group to which they are assigned.

Tip: You can also assign users to user groups from the Groups and Permissions page. For details, see Assigning Users to Groups.

To assign a user to a user group:

  1. In the Project Customization window, in the left pane, click Project Users. The Project Users page opens.

  2. In the Project Users list, select the user you want to assign to a user group. The user properties are displayed (name, email, phone, and description) in the Details tab. The email information is important as it enables a user to receive defects, tests, requirements, and test set notifications directly to their mailbox.

    The user details are defined in Site Administration. For details, see Updating User Details.

  3. Select the Membership tab.

  4. To assign the selected user to a user group, click a user group name in the Not Member of list and click the right arrow button .

  5. To remove the user from the currently selected user group, click a user group name in the Member of list and click the left arrow button .

    Note: The Member of list can never be empty. A user must always belong to at least one user group.

  6. To move all the user groups from one list to the other, click the double arrow buttons .

  7. Click Save to save your changes to the Project Users page.