Installing ALM Tools and Add-ins

ALM offers integration and synchronization solutions with Micro Focus and third-party tools and add-ins

The following ALM tools are available:

  • ALM Connectivity. Enables you to integrate ALM with other tools.

  • ALM Lab Service. Enables you to trigger functional tests and maintenance tasks on a testing host using ALM. Install and configure the ALM Lab Service agent on functional testing tools (such as VAPI and QuickTest Professional) that need to connect to Lab Management.

  • ALM Client Registration. Registers ALM components on the client machine, enabling you to work with Micro Focus testing tools as well as third-party and custom tools.

  • Shared Deployment for Virtual Environments. Deploys ALM components on a shared location that can be accessed by all users. This is useful if users connect to ALM over a virtual environment, such as Citrix or VMware.

  • Webgate Customization. Enables you to customize WebGate client components.

To install ALM tools or add-ins:

Choose Help > ALM Tools in the ALM main window. The Application Lifecycle Management Tools page opens.

To install a tool:
  1. Click a tool link. A page with additional information about the tool opens.
  2. Click the tool link for instructions on using the tool.
  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to download and install the tool.
To install an add-in:
  1. In the Application Lifecycle Management Tools page, click the More ALM Add-ins link. Marketplace opens, enabling you to select additional add-ins.

  2. Click the add-in link for instructions on using the add-in.

  3. Follow the instructions on your screen to download and install the add-in.