About ALM Advisor

As an ALM site administrator, you can collect environment details to assess the current ALM deployment and recommend usage improvements. The collected data can also be helpful when contacting support.

The ALM Advisor process collects environment details, which are stored in a file in the following location: C:\ProgramData\HP \ALM\Repository\productData\assessment.

Once these details are collected, you can then access the ALM Advisor website to assess the deployment and recommend usage improvements.

Note: Some of the SQL Server properties require the site administrator for that database to have advanced options permissions. To ensure these permissions, run the following:

sp_configure 'show advanced options', 1

The following table describes the collected details.

Note: For details on EHCache, see this KB article.

Property Name


DB Common Data
Name DB Server name
Version DB Server version
SQL Server Data
productLevel The level of the version of the SQL Server instance
edition The installed product edition of the SQL Server instance
engineEdition Database Engine edition of the SQL Server instance installed on the server
editionId The edition ID of the SQL Server instance
isFullTextInstalled Indicates whether the full-text and semantic indexing components are installed on the current SQL Server instance
collation Name of the default collation for the server
osMachineName Windows computer name on which the server instance is running
Oracle DB Data
sga_max_size Hard limit up to which sga_target can dynamically adjust sizes
processes The maximum number of operating system user processes that can simultaneously connect to Oracle
sessions Maximum number of sessions that can be created in the system
cpu_count The number of CPUs available for use by the Oracle database
db_cache_size The size of the DEFAULT buffer pool for buffers with the primary block size
log_buffer The amount of memory (in bytes) that Oracle uses when buffering redo entries to a redo log file
shared_pool_size The size of the shared pool
large_pool_size The size of the large pool allocation heap
java_pool_size The size of the Java pool, from which the Java memory manager allocates most Java state during runtime execution
pga_aggregate_target The target aggregate PGA memory available to all server processes attached to the instance
optimizer_mode Establishes the default behavior for choosing an optimization approach for the instance
optimizer_features_enable Acts as an umbrella parameter for enabling a series of optimizer features based on an Oracle release number
compatible Allows using a new release of Oracle, while at the same time guaranteeing backward compatibility with an earlier release
cursor_sharing Determines what kind of SQL statements can share the same cursors
open_cursors Specifies the maximum number of open cursors (handles to private SQL areas) a session can have at once
session_cached_cursors Specifies the number of session cursors to cache
memory_max_target Specifies the maximum value to which a DBA can set the MEMORY_TARGET initialization parameter
sga_target Specifies the total size of all SGA components
Site Usage Data
usersCount Number of site users
activeUsersCount Number of active site users
operativeUsersCount Number of active site users who opened a session in the last 30 days
projectsCount Number of projects
activeProjectsCount Number of active projects
operativeProjectsCount Number of active projects that had a session in the last 30 days
Application Server Data
maxDbConnectionsAllowed The maximum concurrent db connections allowed
connectorName Jetty connector name
maxConnectionsRequest The maximum number of connections requests
maxConnectionsOpen The maximum number of open connections
maxConnectionsDuration The maximum duration of connections
Architecture Data
activeNodes Number of active nodes- application servers
totalNodes Total number of nodes
serverName Application server name
isActive Application server status
General Site Data
almEdition ALM edition
almEditionDisplayName ALM edition display name
informationCollectionTime Information collection time in milliseconds
extensionName Extension name
extensionDisplayName Extension display name
version Extension version
Cache Data
cacheManagerName Name of the EHCache manager
cacheName Name of the cache
objectCount Number of items found in cache
maxElementsInMemory Sets the maximum number of objects created in memory
maxElementsOnDisk Sets the maximum number of objects maintained in the DiskStore
memoryStoreEvictionPolicy Policy enforced upon reaching the maxElementsInMemory limit
eternal Determines whether an element is eternal, meaning that timeouts are ignored and the element is never expired
timeToIdleSeconds Sets the time for an element to idle before it expires
timeToLiveSeconds Sets the time for an element to live before it expires
overflowToDisk Determines whether elements can overflow to disk when the memory store reaches the maxElementsInMemory limit
diskPersistent Determines whether the disk store persists between restarts of the Virtual Machine
diskSpoolBufferSizeMB The size to allocate the DiskStore for a spool buffer
diskExpiryThreadIntervalSeconds The number of seconds between runs of the disk expiry thread
statisticsAccuracy The accuracy of the cache statistics at the time the statistic was computed
cacheHits The number of times a requested item was found in the cache
onDiskHits The number of times a requested item was found in the Disk Store
inMemoryHits The number of times a requested item was found in the Memory Store
misses The number of times a requested element was not found in the cache
averageGetTime The average get time
evictionCount Gets the number of cache evictions since the cache was created or statistics were cleared
Jvm Data
jvmVersion Version of JVM being used
usedHeapSize The total amount of memory in the Java virtual machine
maxHeapSize The maximum amount of memory that the Java virtual machine attempts to use
freeHeapSize The amount of free memory in the Java virtual machine
nonHeapUsedSize The amount of used memory in bytes
nonHeapInitSize The amount of memory in bytes that the Java virtual machine initially requests from the operating system for memory management
nonHeapCommittedSize The amount of memory in bytes that is committed for the Java virtual machine to use
nonHeapMaxSize The maximum amount of memory in bytes that can be used for memory management
name The name representing this memory manager
collectionElapseTime The approximate accumulated collection elapsed time in milliseconds
innerCollectionCount The total number of collections that have occurred
memoryPoolNames The names of memory pools that this memory manager manages
architecture Architecture of the JVM being used
is64Bit Whether the JVM being used has 64 bits architecture
numberOfProcessorsAvailable Number of processors available for this JVM
Machine Specification Data
totalMemoryMB Total memory installed on the machine
QCSense Data
startGroupingTime Segment starting time
endGroupingTime Segment ending time
nodeName Name of the node for which the data was collected
measurementName Name of the measurement collected during the segment
weightedMeanAverageValue Weighted mean of the average value recorded during the segment
minimumValue Minimum value recorded during the segment
weightedMeanMinimumValue Weighted mean of the minimum value recorded during the segment
maximumValue Maximum value recorded during the segment
weightedMeanMaximumValue Weighted mean of the maximum value recorded during the segment
measurementsInspectedNumber Number of records (measurement values) recorded during the segment