Create domains

You can add new domains to Site Administration. You organize projects in the Projects list by domain.

To create a domain:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Projects tab.

  2. Click the Create Domain button. The Create Domain dialog box opens.

  3. Type a Domain Name and click OK.

    The domain name cannot be longer than 30 characters, must begin with a letter, and can include only letters, digits, and underscores.

    Note: Support of non-English characters depends on the database settings used by the server. To avoid any possible issues, do not use non-English characters in domain names.

    The new domain is added to the Projects list in alphabetical order. In the right pane, under Directories, you can view the location of the domain.

  4. To add a person's name as a contact when there are questions or problems with the domain or its projects, click the Contact Name link. In the Set Contact Name dialog box, type the name of the contact person and click OK.

  5. To add the email address of the contact person for the domain, click the Contact Email link. In the Set Contact Email dialog box, type the email address and click OK.

  6. To change the number of users allowed to connect concurrently to the domain, click the User Quota link. The Domain User Quota dialog box opens.

    Choose Maximum Connections and type the maximum number of concurrent connections allowed. Click OK.

    Note: In addition to changing the number of users allowed to connect concurrently to a domain, you can also change:

  7. To select a default database server when creating projects in the domain, select a default database server from the Default DB Server list.

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