Managing Licenses

In the Licenses tab, you can view the total number of licenses in use, the maximum number of licenses that you have for each ALM project or domain, and the expiration dates for the licenses. When other Micro Focus tools, such as UFT, are connected to an ALM project, you can view the total number of licenses in use for these tools. You can also add licenses. In addition, you can view the ALM edition installed on your server.

Within the Licenses tab, there are tabs for viewing and updating licenses:

  • Status. You can modify licenses and link to the licensing portal to retrieve licenses.

  • License Assignments. You can assign licenses to the various domains and projects.

  • Named Licenses. You can assign named licenses to specific users.

  • PPU Licenses History. You can view the current number of available PPU licenses and the history of their usage.


  • To view the ALM licenses that are currently being used by each user, click the Site Connections tab. For details, see Monitoring User Connections.

  • To view and analyze the number of licensed ALM users connected to your projects at specific points over a period of time, click the Site Analysis tab. For details, see Monitoring Site Usage.

Tip: Use the Usage Hub tool to track license usage across your network.

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