Setting the ALM Mail Protocol

ALM uses email to send project information to users. You can select the mail service to be used by all the server nodes in your ALM site. ALM supports the SMTP mail protocol.

You can configure the mail settings either manually or using AutoDiscover.

To set the ALM mail protocol:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Configuration tab.

  2. Click the Settings button and select Set Mail Protocol. The Set Mail Protocol dialog box opens.

  3. Configure the SMTP settings.

    • To manually configure the mail settings:

      1. Select Configure SMTP settings manually. Click Next.
      2. Complete the SMTP account settings:

        UI Element


        Account Type

        SMTP. ALM sends an email from an SMTP server on the network.

        Address The user's email address.
        Outgoing mail server (SMTP) The SMTP server available on your local area network. For details, see the MAIL_SERVER_HOST parameter.
        Outgoing mail server port The port number used by the outgoing mail server. By default, port 25.
        Use the following type of encrypted connection

        Choose whether to make your connection more secure. The following options are available: none, SSL, and StartTLS.

        Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication

        If your SMTP server requires authentication, select this option to provide credentials for authentication. Enter user name and password.

        Test Email Settings Opens the Test Mail dialog box. Type an email address and click Send. A message box confirms whether the mail was sent successfully.
      3. Click Save.
    • To configure the mail settings with AutoDiscover:

      1. Select Credentials for Autodiscovery.
      2. Type the e-mail address and password to automatically detect the correct e-mail settings. Click Next.
      3. Review the SMTP account settings and click Save.