Assigning Project Administrators

After you add users to projects you can assign users as project administrators (belonging to the TDAdmin user group). Project administrators have full privileges in the project from the Project Customization window. For details, see Managing User Groups and Permissions.

When you copy users from other projects, they are added with the same user group privileges they had in the project from which they were copied, provided the user group exists in this project. If the user group does not exist in this project, the users are added with Viewer group privileges. If you copy a user from another project in which the user is a project administrator, the user is automatically assigned as a project administrator in this project.

When you add users to the project from the Users list, those users are added with Viewer group privileges (read-only privileges).

Note: You can also assign project administrators when you create a new project. For details, see Create projects.

Cross Project Customization: If you are working with a template project, you assign users as template administrators from the Template Users tab.

ALM Editions: Template projects are not available for Quality Center Enterprise Edition. For more information about ALM editions and their functionality, see the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: ALM Editions.

To assign Project Administrator privileges to a user:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Projects tab.

  2. In the Projects list, select a project. In the right pane, select the Project Users tab.

  3. In the Project Users list, select the Project Administrator check box for each user you want to assign as a project administrator.

  4. To remove a user from the Project Administrator group, clear the Project Administrator check box, and confirm you want to remove the user from the group.

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