Backing Up Projects

When you run the repair or upgrade process, ALM performs changes on your projects to align them with the specifications for the current version of ALM. You must back up your projects before you start to repair or upgrade them.

We strongly recommend that you deactivate projects before backing them up. If you must back up while your project is still active, you must back up the database before the file system. We also recommend backing up the file system as soon as possible after backing up the database.

To make sure the Garbage Collector does not delete obsolete files while the file system is pending backup, there is a one week grace period before deletion. For details, see the REPOSITORY_GC_DELAY_CANDIDATE_TIME site parameter.


  • The repair process makes changes to the project database schema only. Before running the repair process, you should back up the project database schema on the database server, but you do not need to back up the project data in the file system.

  • Before you run the upgrade process, perform a full backup of your projects that includes the project database schema and the project data.

For details on the process of upgrading projects from previous versions, see About Upgrading Projects.