Enabling and Disabling Version Control for a Project

You can enable version control for a project or template project. For details on version control, refer to the Micro Focus Application Lifecycle Management User Guide: Version Control.

You can also disable version control for a project. When you disable version control for a project, ALM no longer stores previous versions, and deletes all version history for the project. If you enable version control for the project again, previous history is not available.

Note: After enabling version control for a project, you should review all its workflow scripts and make adjustments for each checked in entity. This includes the following entities: Req, Test, Resource, and Component. For each checked in entity that includes a Post function in its script, you must modify the script. To modify, add a Checkout function before every Post function. Making this modification prevents the Check Out dialog box from opening each time a call to a Post function is made. For details, see Workflow Event Reference.