Renaming the Defects Module for a Project

You can rename the Defects module for a specific project or template project. For example, you can change the name of the Defects module from Defects to Bugs. You rename the Defects module by adding a parameter to the DATACONST table of the project. For details on modifying project tables, see Querying Project Tables.

Note: You can rename any ALM module for all your projects by adding the REPLACE_TITLE parameter in the Site Configuration tab. For details, see Setting ALM Configuration Parameters.

To rename the Defects module for a project:

  1. In Site Administration, click the Site Projects tab.

  2. In the Projects list, double-click the project for which you want to rename the Defects module.

  3. Select the DATACONST table.

  4. In the SQL pane, type an SQL INSERT INTO statement to insert a row into the table with the following values:

    • In the DC_CONST_NAME column, insert the parameter name REPLACE_TITLE.

    • In the DC_VALUE column, insert a string that defines the new name for the Defects module, in the following format:

      original title [singular];new title [singular];original title [plural];new title [plural]

      For example, to change the name of the module from Defects to Bugs, type the following SQL statement into the SQL pane:

      insert into dataconst values ('REPLACE_TITLE', 'Defect;Bug;Defects;Bugs')
  5. Click the Execute SQL button. The new row is added to the DATACONST table. The ALM project displays the new Defects module name.

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