Project Repository Cleanup

When you add a file to an entity, ALM checks whether an identical file exists in the project repository. If an identical file is located, no physical file is added to the repository.

When you delete a file from an entity, the file is not immediately deleted from the project directory, as it may still be used by other entities.

At regular intervals, the project repository is scanned for obsolete files that are no longer referenced by any entity. If the files remain unreferenced for a specified period, they are removed from the project repository. These intervals are set by default at seven days each. You can configure the intervals using the site configuration parameters below.

You can promote or postpone a project's repository cleanup. For details, see Updating Project Details.

You can define the following site configuration parameters to regulate the project repository cleanup process. For details, see Setting ALM Configuration Parameters.

  • REPOSITORY_GC_PROJECT_CLEANUP_INTERVAL. Defines the time interval between cleanup processes of each project repository.

  • REPOSITORY_GC_DELAY_CANDIDATE_TIME. Defines the time that elapses after obsolete files are detected in a scan, and before the obsolete files are removed.
  • REPOSITORY_GC_JOB_PRIORITY. Defines the speed at which the cleanup process is performed.

  • SUSPEND_REPOSITORY_GC. Enables you to stop the project repository cleanup process.