Configure Migration Priority

While the migration process does not interfere with your work on projects, the process may affect system performance as a whole. Use the following site configuration parameters to control the amount of system resources used by the migration process. For details on setting parameters, see Setting ALM Configuration Parameters.

  • REPOSITORY_MIGRATION_JOB_PRIORITY. Determines the speed at which files are copied from the old to the new project repository.

  • SUSPEND_REPOSITORY_MIGRATION. Stops the repository migration on the entire site. Use this parameter temporarily, and only in special circumstances. For example, use it if you suspect that the migration process disrupts your system.

Additional parameters are available for configuring the resources allocated to the migration process. For details, see this KB article.

Consider the following when configuring the migration priority:

  • Allocating more resources to the migration process may slow down other processes.

  • Allocating less resources extends the time in which the process is completed.

  • Projects that are pending migration or in the process of migration cannot be exported or copied.