Repository Migration Status Window

This window lists all the site projects and displays the status of their migration to the optimized project repository.

To access

In Site Administration, select Tools > Repository Migration Status.
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User interface elements are described below:

UI Element


Instructs ALM to resume the migration of the selected project.

If an error or warning was detected during the migration of the selected project, fix the problem as described in the Additional Information field, and click Resume.

Note: If the migration process stopped due to missing files, after clicking Resume, you can no longer restore missing files.

Downloads a log of the migration events associated with the selected project.

Refresh. Refreshes the display with the most up-to-date information.

Note: The grid updates automatically after the migration of every 1000 files.

Domain Name

The domain to which the selected project belongs.

Project Name

The name of the selected project.

Project Status

Indicates the selected project's status in Site Administration. For example, Active or Deactivated.

Note: Deactivating a project does not affect its repository migration.

Migration Status

The migration status of a project can be one of the following:

  • None. Project is not upgraded to ALM 16.00, and will not be migrated.

  • Pending. File migration is pending.

  • Migrating. File migration is in progress.

  • Done. File migration is complete.

  • Error. An error occurred during file migration, and migration could not be completed. See the cause of the error in the Additional Information panel. Fix the error, and click Resume.

  • Warning. A warning occurred during file migration.

    For details of the warning, and the actions you must take to resolve the problem, download the log files listed in the Additional Information panel. Resolve the problems as necessary, and click Resume to complete the migration.

There are several possible causes for warnings:

  • One or more project files were not found in the project repository. This can result from missing or renamed files.

  • Redundant files are found in the repository. The migration cannot complete until the legacy repository is empty of files. Redundant files can be one of the following:

    • Duplicate project files that could not be deleted. This can result from insufficient permissions.

    • Files unrelated to ALM that were manually saved in the project repository.

    • Unidentified project files.

Migration Progress

The number of project files migrated to the new repository, as a percentage of the total number of project files.

Additional Information

If a problem was detected, displays the cause of the problem, and links to log files. The log files describe the actions you must take to resolve the problem.

Site Administrator Automail Options

ALM sends automail to Site Administrators upon events connected to repository migration. Select the following options:

  • Send mail on success. Sends mail when the migration of a project repository completes successfully.

  • Send mail on warning. Sends mail when a warning is detected during the migration of a project repository.

  • Send mail on error. Sends mail when an error is detected during the migration of a project repository.

  • Include logs as attachments. Attaches detailed log files to automail messages.


Summary information of the migration status of all site projects.