Realigning Repositories

ALM project repositories consist of the physical files that are stored in the file system, and database tables that index the files. When you create a backup of a project that is active, the time gap between the database and file system backups can cause discrepancies between the database file index and the physical files.

For details on backup,see Backing Up Projects.

If you restore a project for online work from a backup that was performed while the project was active, you must realign the file system and database tables.

The realigning process performs the following actions:

  • If a file is indexed in the database but is not located in the file system, the index of the file is removed from the database.

  • If a file is stored in the file system but is not indexed in the database, the file is deleted from the file system.

In addition, the realigning process verifies the integrity of the relationship between the logical and physical database tables.

If an irrecoverable problem is detected, the project Maintenance State is changed to Corrupted. Check the log for details, and examine the database tables.

By default, the realigning process runs in non-silent mode. When running the process in non-silent mode, ALM may pause and prompt you for input when an error occurs. Instead, you can choose to run the process in silent mode. When an error occurs, ALM will abort the process without prompting you for input.

Note: Projects are deactivated while the realignment is in progress, and activated again after the realignment is complete.